Help Build the Elephant Leg Factory

Help Build the Elephant Leg Factory

We need your help to build, supply and operate a fantastic new “factory” to make prosthetic legs for deserving elephants who have lost theirs in traumatic land mine accidents.

The Friends of the Asian Elephant hospital in Thailand cares for Mosha and Motala, two female elephants who each need regular replacements for their mechanical legs so they can live like other elephants.

This is a full service hospital for elephants. Thousands have received medical care and therapy over the years. Now, FAE will be even more responsive by building custom fit prosthetics for elephants on site. That takes a new workshop with an oven, heavy machinery, tools and special materials unique to this effort. The cost is heavy… 400,000 THB or around $11,308 USD.

Let’s raise more than just the construction costs. Additional funds will help the hospital continue to welcome sick and injured elephants anytime they are in distress.

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