Help starving animals in abandoned Yemen Zoo NOW!

Help starving animals in abandoned Yemen Zoo NOW!

Due to the raging conflict in Yemen, Taiz zoo has been abandoned and the 268 remaining animals, such as lions (19 including two cubs!), leopards (26) and others are starving. 11 lions and 6 leopards already died. Time is running out!

These starving animals need your help.

We need per day: meat at least 280 kg USD 350, 5.000 L water transport, plus veterinarians and medical care, payment of six zoo workers including a butcher, and an SOS zoo coordinator and field supervisor. So minimum USD 3300/week plus special needs.

Due to the war,  animal organizations are still not active in the area. We, the SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue group have closed a service agreement with Tamdeen Youth Foundation, who are based in Taiz and experienced in running projects for UN and WFP.  Since February 13, SOS has supported the zoo with the above. Two SOS people from Tamdeen are working daily in and with the zoo. Our current funds run out early June. We urgently need more funds for water, food, veterinary care, ongoing care.

Please DONATE NOW! Any amount will help to make a difference.

Thank you for your support!