Wildlife Friends of Thailand

The WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre, Thailand, was founded by Dutch-born Edwin Wiek in early 2001. This centre has given shelter to a large number of different wild animals, some of them for a short period and for some, it will continue to give shelter for the rest of their lives. The Wildlife Rescue Centre is the perfect place for volunteering with animals abroad, and volunteers are always needed. At the centre you will have the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Thailand with animals, working with animals and helping us to care for a wide variety of wildlife.These include 5 different species of macaque, 6 species of gibbon, lorises, civets, Sun bears and Asiatic black bears, a crocodile, a binturong, exotic birds and many others.

WFFT wildlife volunteers are required to make a cash donation to the project they participate in; these contributions are essential to keep the projects running and to allow us to embark on new projects and keep on expanding so we can help even more animals in need. However, this requirement may be waived under special circumstances. For instance, the rescue centre is in constant need of clinical equipment and medicines. In lieu of this type of donation, we would not require you to make any additional payment, although the exact details of such an agreement would need to be discussed before your stay. For veterinary professionals with experience in wild animal medicine the fee can also be waived. We will also waive the volunteer fee for doctoral students and professionals in specific fields (zoology, biology, animal behaviour, veterinary medicine), but only when needed.

Our centre tries to provide all of these animals with enclosures and living conditions as close to “natural” as possible. Our overall objective will always be to rehabilitate these animals back into the wild.The centre always needs help from animal lovers whether in the form of volunteer work, donations or professional help such as veterinary experience.The centre would not be able to run without the hard work of the volunteers and the generosity of those who provide financial support in the way of donations.If you feel you can and want to help out as a volunteer or donator please contact us.
Short and long-term volunteering stays are possible; however, volunteers are required to make a minimum commitment of one (1) week. As a general rule, stays less than 1 week is not permitted.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our organization and projects. You can ask for additional information about our projects, including conditions for volunteering with animals and costs. If you are interested in a volunteer position with the Wildlife Friends of Thailand, please send an e-mail or letter of motivation via email to volunteer@wfft.org explaining your interest in the project, a brief paragraph about yourself and your proposed length of stay. Better still, you can download an application form & return it to us at volunteer@wfft.org

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