Administration Assistant/行政助理——野生救援

Position: Administration Assistant
Location: Beijing
Term of Employment: Full-time
Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Manage all office related purchases, and keep office tidy and working facilities in good condition
2. Provide logistic support for greeting and hosting of guests
3. Arrange all office related meals, transportation, and activities
4. Manage and organize all office documents and property
5. Manage production of WildAid gifts and apparel
6. Coordinate with accountant on all office related reimbursements and banking issues.
1. At least one year experience in administration
2. Bachelor degree in a related field or equivalent experience
3. Excellent English skills
4. Excellent communication and negotiation skills
5. Organized, service attitude, effective and proactive

1. 负责采购日常办公用品,维护办公电器、设施设备的正常运行,保持办公环境的整洁、有序;
2. 提供后勤服务支持,包括预订酒店、机票、安排接送、会议场所等;
3. 收集和整理办公室档案文件、书籍、活动资料、影像资料;
4. 协助制作和保存办公室宣传资料及宣传物品;
5. 协调与其他部门的工作。
1. 热心公益事业,对野生动物保护、环境保护有持久热情;
2. 本科及以上学历;
3. 中、英文流利,可进行中、英文互译;
4. 工作细致有条理,逻辑缜密;
5. 有很强的责任心和事业心,良好的团队合作精神;
6. 亲和力强,有服务意识,积极主动执行交办的任务,高效完成工作。